Southern California Institute of Architecture (My SCI-Arc Student Work – List Format)

5B Studio (Thesis):

(5B) Construction Documents:

(5B) Design Documents:

5A Studio (Tokyo/Kyoto, Japan):

5A Studio (Tokyo/Kyoto, Japan) – Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo 1972 (Capsule Rendering):

(5A) Travel Seminar (Travel/Photography/Culture/Discussion) with Mayuko Imai and Taki Suzuki (Part 1 – Travel):

(5A) Travel Seminar (Travel/Photography/Culture/Discussion) with Mayuko Imai and Taki Suzuki (Part 2 – Project):

(5A) Joint Workshop with Hosei University, University of Tokyo (Todai) and Keio University:

4B Vertical Studio (SCI-Arc MediaSCAPES):

(4B) Ambient Technologies – Rearticulating Space with Physical Computing

4A Studio – City Operations – Architecture in Critical Settings – Competition Studio – eVolo 2010 Skyscraper Competition

3B Studio – Comprehensive Design Studio – Dynamic Architectural Systems

(3B) Tectonics – Construction, Assembly and Detail

(3B) Practice Environments – Contracts and Liabilities

3A Studio – Field Operations – Static Architectural Systems

(3A) Tempering the Environment – Light, Air, and Sound

(3A) Structures 2 – Long Span and Lateral Systems

(3A) Technologies of Description 3 – Analog and Digital Practices (Maya)

2B Studio – Frameworks – Programs

(2B) Humanities 3 – Emerging Media – Modernism in Film, Literature, and Art

2A Studio – Frameworks – Sites and Context

(2A) Introduction to Environment and Climate

1B Studio – Conceptual Strategies for the Physical World

(1B) Technologies of Description 2 – Analog and Digital Practices (Rhino)

1A Studio – Material Strategies for the Physical World

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